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  • 500+ Smart Sheet Music Pieces 
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  • I have become a better player in the past month with Jonny than in the years of lessons I have taken with other teachers!” ~ Levi Johnston

Are You Tired Of...

  •  Wishing you could jam on piano?
  •  Wishing you could improvise blues & jazz?
  •  Playing the same old blues licks?
  •  Feeling stuck, not knowing how to progress?
  •  Not being able to express your true music potential? 


  •  You can improvise
  •  You are not too old to learn
  •  You have time to learn piano
  •  Piano lessons are affordable 
  •  You need structure to progress quickly
  •  You need a teacher who can break down improv
  •  You are capable of expressing your unique musical greatness

Hear What Our Members Have To Say...

  • I have finally found the teacher that will progress my skills to the level I have desired for many, many years now! ~ Tom Rollins

 What Our Students Sound Like After Learning

  • With in-depth courses, you'll have the tools to play the styles you love
  • You won't just learn jazz ballads... You'll learn Swing, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, Boogie, Funk, Pop, Rock, Improv, Theory, Technique & more!
  • You can learn with our Courses, Live Lessons, Weekly Challenges, & Sheet Music
  • You get big hi-fives by our super supportive PWJ Member Group

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  • Learning Tracks in Swing, Latin Jazz, Jazz Ballads, Blues, Bogie, Funk, Gospel, Ragtime, Stride, Rock, Pop, Technique, Theory, Accompanying, Holiday, & Disney
  • Downloadable Backing Tracks
  • Ear Training Exercises
  • Live Q&A's & Workshops 
  • Student Collaborations
  • PWJ Support Team

Member Snapshots

A Teacher Who Cares About You

When you study with Jonny, you're studying with an experienced and professional TEACHER who has:

  • Guided over 10,000 students to musical fulfillment with his online courses
  • Helped dozens of students turn their piano hobby into a significant income stream
  • Taught privately and at universities for 14 years  

And an inspiring PERORMER who has:

  • Had a career as the Disneyland Main Street Pianist for 9 years
  • Recorded on multiple albums and in prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center
  • Built a YouTube following of over 300k followers with 55 million views

Value of the PWJ Membership

Students pay $125/hour for Jonny to teach his techniques.

In the PWJ Membership you'll get:

  • 650 hours of video ($81,250 in private lessons)
  • 500 sheet music pieces ($5,000 value)
  • Monthly live group lessons ($1,200 annual value)
  • Monthly live Q&As ($1,200 annual value)
  • Exclusive Member Support Community (priceless!)

In total, this is a $94,950 VALUE!

Plus we add new lessons and sheets every month.

Stop Playing Piano Alone

  •  Be part of a passionate community of over 10,000 members.
  •  Share your playing and get positive feedback
  •  Participate in Collaboration Videos & play with Jonny
  •  Complete our Weekly Challanges and get recognized
  •  Get featured in our monthly Student Highlight
  •  Hangout with Jonny & members in Q&A every month
  •  Get direct feedback from Jonny on your playing

Learning Made EASY

  •  No need to read sheet music
  •  Easily digestable lessons (10-15 minutes)
  •  Easy to follow videos that you can slow down
  •  Easy to follow smart sheet music that you can slow down, loop, and change the key of!
  •  Guided roadmaps that guide you step-by-step
  •  Unlimited 24/7 access streaming on any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer)
  •  Fast support from our Customer Support Team

Exclusive Jam Track Bonus!

  •  Get 12 Additional Backing Tracks when you sign up in the next 5 days
  • Styles include: Afro Jazz, Bossa Nova, Cuban Bolero, Double time Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Latin Jazz, Medium Swing, New Orleans, Samba, Slow Swing, Tango, and Up-Swing
  • Adds tons of fun to your practice!
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